Concrete Maintenance Services

Lifting and Leveling

Lift and level your existing concrete. Repair trip hazards, redirect water, and plane out those unsightly joints that nag at your inner perfection.

Sealing Expansion Joints

Prevent sub-slab erosion and settling by sealing expansion joints.  The application of sealing these joints prevents the entrance of water and pests yet allows relative movement at the joint.

Crack Repair

Seal or repair stress cracks in your concrete. We will help you choose which method (sealing vs. repairing) is right for your application. Epoxy repair is more labor and material intense, but will glue the joint back together. Sealing is less labor and materials intense and will simply prevent water/pest intrusion into the sub-surface soils that bear the weight of your concrete.


Washing is a secondary service we provide for customers partaking in our other primary services. It is an add-on to sealing, crack repair, and/or lifting and is another rewarding process because the before and after is so stark.