Concrete Lifting: A Better Choice!

My concrete driveway, patio, sidewalk, basement, or apron is sinking and has multiple cracks. Should I raise it or replace it? We encounter this question frequently as a concrete lifting contractor.  What are the tradeoffs between repairing and replacing?  See the sections below.

Foam can be used in many cases to lift concrete panels into a position where the surfaces align.
In many cases, Foam can be used to lift concrete panels and restore their plane.

Cost of Concrete Lifting

As a rule of thumb, lifting your concrete is half the price of replacing it.  In a market saturated by work for the companies providing flat concrete installation services, minimum charges for replaced concrete exceed the cost of lifting it by a wide margin.

Collateral Damage

Replacing concrete involves heavy equipment that creates collateral damage as the work is performed.  At a minimum, hardscapes in and around the work area are disturbed to create space for the forms to be installed, which are necessary to help shape the new concrete as it is poured. 

On the other hand, lifting your concrete has minimal disturbance to the surrounding area. All work is completed from the concrete surface. Drill, pump, patch. The process involves drilling a series of small holes, injecting foam in a liquid form, and finally patching the holes upon completion of the lift.

Time to Complete the Work

Replacing concrete slabs is a labor-intensive process. It takes multiple days to remove an existing slab, set forms, lay rebar and pour the new concrete. Upon completion of the pour, it takes time for the new concrete to cure before use.

In most cases, raising your concrete can be completed within a day and can be used immediately.

Appearance – Lifting your Concrete Maintains Uniformity

This may be one of the biggest contributors for your decision to repair or replace.  Consider the following scenarios:

  1. A single panel has sunk in a multi-panel concrete slab arrangement.  Replacing the individual panel can be done, but you end up with a new panel amongst a group of aged panels.  In this situation, concrete raising is a really good option.  Replacing the entire slab arrangement is also a valid option, but the cost of lifting one panel is far less than that of replacing the entire slab.
  2. An entire apron has sunk along a garage.  Replacing the apron is a valid solution, but for the reasons mentioned earlier in this article, raising it may be a better solution (speed and cost).

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