Concrete Lifting: A Better Choice!

My concrete driveway, patio, sidewalk, basement, or apron is sinking and has multiple cracks. Should I raise it or replace it? We encounter this question frequently as a concrete lifting contractor.  What are the tradeoffs between repairing and replacing?  See the sections below. Cost of Concrete Lifting As a rule of thumb, lifting your concrete…

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Concrete Jacking: Foam As The Ultimate Solution

Hole Size Comparison between Polyurethane Foam Injection and Mudjacking processes.

I’ve used mudjacking for concrete leveling the past, and it’s worked well.  Why would I choose a poly foam process now? Read on to make an informed decision! Process Comparison Conventional concrete leveling uses a simple process that is similar whether you are using foam or mud: drill, pump, patch.  See the table below for…

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